Digging into explicit resource management

#​663 — November 16, 2023 Read on the Web JavaScript Weekly Prettier 3.1 Released — The popular opinionated code formatter has a new release including support for the new control flow syntax in Angular 17 plus a new, experimental formatting option for ternary expressions (as in x ? y : z) explained in more depth […]

Introducing N|Solid Copilot: Your AI-Powered Node.js Navigator

We are thrilled to announce the latest addition to N|Solid Pro – the N|Solid Copilot, a groundbreaking AI-powered assistant designed to revolutionize your Node.js development experience. This innovative tool is a leap forward in Node.js application observability and security, it’s like having a Node expert on-call. View of N|Solid Pro Console with the Copilot drawer […]

Angular is back

#​662 — November 9, 2023 Read on the Web JavaScript Weekly Reintroducing Angular with Angular v17 — Angular first appeared in the shape of AngularJS in 2010 and helped launch a wave of large-scale JavaScript frameworks. Angular remains popular in many use cases but is often overlooked in favor of newer options. v17 takes a […]

Big news for both Next.js and Remix

#​661 — November 2, 2023 Read on the Web JavaScript Weekly Next.js 14 Released — Unveiled at last week’s Next.js Conf, v14 caused a lot of community discussion (not least on Hacker News), largely surrounding Server Actions being declared stable and the ‘backend-meets-frontend’ opportunities this opens up. A new partial prerendering feature is also in […]

N|Solid OSS Release

Origin of N|Solid In November of 2014, when NodeSource was still a small consulting group, my teammates Dan Shaw, Rod Vagg, and I were having dinner after a customer engagement, discussing how to bring Node.js production deployments to the same level of polish and tooling capability of the other runtimes our customers were already employing. […]

Web Components forever?

#​660 — October 26, 2023 Read on the Web JavaScript Weekly Transformers.js 2.7: ML for the Web, Now with Text to Speech — Transformers.js provides access to machine learning models directly in the browser for all sorts of tasks and v2.7 introduces speech synthesis (live demo.) The Web Speech API remains the natural choice for this […]

See How Much Your APM is Costing You to Monitor Node.js Apps

We are excited to share the release of our new Cost Calculator to showcase just how much the wrong APM provider can add to your cloud hosting costs (try it now). Observability is vital, but it comes with computational overhead that shares the same infrastructure as your application. This is compounded in typical Node.js APM […]

Ways to serve up less JavaScript

#​659 — October 19, 2023 Read on the Web JavaScript Weekly ApexCharts: Interactive Charting and Dataviz Library — A mature and frequently updated charting library for building interactive data visualizations, whether with sparklines, heatmaps, line charts, funnel charts, pies, and others. There are many visual demos and code samples – or check out their homepage. Juned […]

Client-side object detection in JavaScript

#​658 — October 12, 2023 Read on the Web ✍️ Due to being on the road at a conference, this is a more compact and bijou issue but.. I’m back at full speed next week 😅__Peter Cooper, your editor JavaScript Weekly Speeding Up the JS Ecosystem: The Barrel File Debacle — Marvin continues his tour […]

Comparing test assertion styles in JavaScript

#​657 — October 5, 2023 Read on the Web JavaScript Weekly An Interactive Intro to CRDTs — Conflict-free replicated data types (the so-called CRDTs) provide a popular approach to replicate data across numerous clients and allow live collaboration between them without conflicts. This post really digs into what makes CRDTs tick well, complete with interactive examples. […]

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