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Best Headless CMS for Vue: The Top 7 Choices

A headless content management system (CMS) is a software platform that provides the same capabilities as a traditional CMS but without its interface. This can be useful when you want to use your own front-end technology or framework with your website.

Choosing the Right Node.js Package Manager in 2024: A Comparative Guide

The year 2024 marks a crucial juncture in the Node.js ecosystem, where developers face different choices when it comes to selecting the right package manager for their projects. npm, Yarn, and pnpm stand out as the frontrunners, as they are the most widely used in the Node.js ecosystem. Each package offers unique features and capabilities […]

Postgres in TypeScript

#​677 — February 29, 2024 Read on the Web JavaScript Weekly PGlite: PostgreSQL in WebAssembly (and TypeScript) — People have brought Postgres into the browser before, albeit atop a Linux VM WASM layer. PGlite, however, packages a WASM build of Postgres into a TypeScript library that can be run in the browser or on Node.js […]

Node.js 2023 Year in Review

Two months into 2024, I’ve decided to summarize the achievements in the Node.js space from 2023. As always, this list is curated by me, so I may overlook some pull requests due to the vast amount of work completed by Node.js collaborators and areas where I need more context, such as WASI. Node.js is rapidly […]

A big update for ECharts

#​676 — February 22, 2024 Read on the Web JavaScript Weekly 📊 Apache ECharts 5.5: The Powerful Visualization Library — ECharts’ big selling point, beyond being a well supported Apache-backed project, is its balance of power and simplicity. You can do a lot with it (check out the many examples here) without the code becoming complex. […]

TC39 adds a new stage for ECMAScript proposals

#​675 — February 15, 2024 Read on the Web JavaScript Weekly Tempo: An Easier Way to Work with Dates — We think they nailed their own summary: “A collection of utilities for working with the native Date object — an important distinction from other libraries that provide custom date primitives. Under the hood, Tempo mines […]


#​674 — February 8, 2024 Read on the Web JavaScript Weekly jQuery 4.0.0 Beta — I recently looked at issue #1 of JavaScript Weekly and the top two items were jQuery, so it’s nice to feature it 🙂 You might not be using jQuery, but it’s still everywhere, including WordPress. v4 says goodbye to IE […]

A Qwik break from React?

#​673 — February 1, 2024 Read on the Web JavaScript Weekly Cytoscape.js: Graph/Network Visualization and Analysis Library — Handy if you need to model and/or visualize relational data, like biological data or social networks. There are many demos to enjoy here. GitHub repo. Max Franz Announcing TypeScript 5.4 Beta — TypeScript gains Object.groupBy and Map.groupBy, a […]

Modern shell scripting with JavaScript

#​672 — January 25, 2024 Read on the Web JavaScript Weekly Better JavaScript Shell Scripting with Bun Shell — Performance-focused server-side runtime Bun continues its rapid evolution with a side quest into the world of shell scripting by making it easier, cross-platform friendly, and less verbose. zx offers similar (but less integrated and focused) functionality […]

Astro + htmx + Alpine.js == AHA

#​671 — January 18, 2024 Read on the Web JavaScript Weekly console.delight — You use console.log to output text, but did you know that in the browser console it can be used to render other things, like SVGs and HTML? This post is packed with examples and goes deeper into the creative options opened up […]

Is htmx Just Another JS Framework?

#​670 — January 11, 2024 Read on the Web JavaScript Weekly Is htmx Just Another JavaScript Framework? — Despite being four years old, htmx has seen a surge in popularity recently, parly due to fatigue with ‘big frameworks’ and also because its simple HTML-based approach to adding functionality to a page appeals to an increasingly […]

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