How To Build An E-Commerce Site With Angular 11, Commerce Layer And Paypal

Nowadays it’s essential to have an online presence when running a business. A lot more shopping is done online than in previous years. Having an e-commerce store allows shop owners to open up other streams of revenue they couldn’t take advantage of with just a brick and mortar store. Other shop owners however, run their […]

Weekly News for Designers № 603

Web Features That May Not Work As You’d Expect – A look at web elements that require a little more effort than meets the eye. How To Migrate From WordPress To A Headless CMS – This guide will help you migrate your website from WordPress to Storyblok Headless CMS. The performance effects of too much […]

There Is No Such Thing As A CSS Absolute Unit

When we start learning CSS, we find that CSS units of measurement are categorized as relative or absolute. Absolute units are rooted in physical units, such as pixels, centimeters, and inches. But over the years, all absolute units in CSS have lost their connection to the physical world and have become different kinds of relative […]

A Web Designer’s Guide to Working on the Go

The ability to work from virtually anywhere is one of the true benefits of being a web designer. It affords us the freedom to get out of the office and still remain productive. And it might even be a way to boost creativity. Some freelancers take advantage by hitting the road and setting up shop […]

Best WordPress Timeline Plugins

Do you want to add a timeline to your WordPress website or blog? Timelines are the best way to effectively tell the story of your business and build trust. But telling your story also requires you to grab attention of your visitors and stand out. Timelines also save time, they take into account that your visitors […]

How to Use Material UI Icons In React

Introduction in Material UI Icons In React Hello, Bonjour and Guten Tag to you. We have said it many times before and we won’t get tired of repeating that there are no small things when developing a project. The reasoning behind this belief we have is that in the modern Digital Age you don’t just […]

Creating An Accessible Dialog From Scratch

First of all, don’t do this at home. Do not write your own dialogs or a library to do so. There are plenty of them out there already that have been tested, audited, used and reused and you should prefer these ones over your own. a11y-dialog is one of them, but there are more (listed […]

8 CSS & JavaScript Code Examples for Creating Interactive Timelines

When trying to get your point across to users, serving them up mountains of text just isn’t effective. People are looking for instant gratification, and most won’t stick around to read long passages. We can better spark their interest through compelling visuals. Timelines are among the more popular visual elements we have at our disposal. […]

Global vs. Local Styling In Next.js

I have had a great experience using Next.js to manage complex front-end projects. Next.js is opinionated about how to organize JavaScript code, but it doesn’t have built-in opinions about how to organize CSS. After working within the framework, I have found a series of organizational patterns that I believe both conform to the guiding philosophies […]

Learn How to Determine Website Project Requirements Like a Pro

Perhaps it sounds ironic, but one of the hardest parts of a web designer’s job occurs before the project actually begins. Figuring out website project requirements can stump even experienced designers. Why is that? Quite often, it comes down to communication. Clients can understandably struggle with articulating their needs. Terminology is one part of the […]