How to Create a WooCommerce Product Table for Free

People set up an eCommerce store in the hope of selling as many of their products as possible. This requires a lot of work on your part—from choosing the right platform to promoting your store. Simply creating a store will not automatically bring in sales. You will have to actively work on optimizing your content […]

How To Iterate Over Object Properties in JavaScript

In this article, we’ll go through the various ways to iterate over the properties of an object in JavaScript. What is an Object in JavaScript? An object is a special data collection in a programming language such as JavaScript—it’s used to represent real-world objects, or to store program state or organize program data. An object […]

14 Great Admin Panel Themes for Ecommerce

Table of content Types of eCommerce platformsDeveloping custom solutionseCommerce templates explainedNotable eCommerce templatesConclusionBonus!Honorable Mention: HoundCreating your own Apps with Flatlogic Platform Types of eCommerce platforms Here’s a thing about modern software development: when you want to launch an online store, you usually turn to ready-made platforms, both paid and free. We all know platforms like […]

Freebie: Wayfinding Icon Sets (164 Icons, PNG, SVG, AI, EPS

Whenever we visit new places, we often need to quickly navigate and find the right direction. As a result, wayfinding has become an integral part of modern architecture. Navigation can be accompanied by icons for intuitive perception, and if you want to help people navigate more effectively, then intuitive visuals are a great place to […]

Modern Fluid Typography Using CSS Clamp

The concept of fluid typography in web development has been present for years, and developers had to rely on various workarounds to make it work in the browser. With the new CSS clamp function, creating fluid typography has never been more straightforward. Usually, when we implement responsive typography, values change on specific breakpoints. They are […]

An Introduction to WordPress Block Themes

The components that make up a typical WordPress theme haven’t changed much over the years. So much so that project co-founder Matt Mullenweg quipped that the old school Kubrick theme (released in 2005) still works with modern versions of the content management system. Sure, theme developers have bolted on their own additions. We’ve seen everything […]

How to use assert() in PHP

In this article, I’ll teach you about the assert() function in PHP. I will teach you what exactly it is, how it works, and the right context to use it in your code. Along the way, I’ll use simple example code snippets that will help you to understand the assert concept even better. Let’s begin! […]

8 Best PDF Invoicing Plugins for WooCommerce and WordPress

Do you want to automate your billing and invoicing process and receive payment faster? WooCommerce and WordPress invoicing plugins allow you to make your billing and invoicing process fast and effective. These plugins come with customizable templates, built-in tax reporting and deductions, and the ability to receive payments from customers through multiple payment processing options. […]

Ten Tips For Aspiring Designer Beginners (Part 2)

Since you’re probably coming from Part 1, you may already know that I’ve been living and breathing user interface and product design for just over a decade now and had no one (or to be more exact, very few people) to guide me in the right direction. In this article, I’d like to continue to […]

Weekly News for Designers № 626

IndexNow Plugin – Microsoft Bing’s WordPress plugin will submit your content to multiple search engines without having to register or verify your website. Crafting Scroll Based Animations in Three.js – This tutorial will demonstrate creating a scroll-based animation using WebGL. Smoothly Reverting CSS Animations – A technique for ensuring your CSS animations revert gracefully. CSS […]