Bootstrap Angular Templates

Angular Bootstrap Templates made with Bootstrap

A set of angular bootstrap templates made with Bootstrap. This technology does not need advertising, as it has already proven a significant increase in development speed, since it uses pre-made UI components. The framework itself is understandable even for a novice developer, and each template has detailed documentation. First, it describes how to quickly start a project. Second, there are all the components. Thus, high-quality, and most importantly, easily maintainable code is obtained.

Each Angular Bootstrap Template has detailed documentation

Stylish designed architecture for your Angular bootstrap templates

Angular bootstrap templates use framework which means that your project will be done in the same style and with the same architecture. Even if a large team is involved in the work on projects. In the Angular framework, there is not much freedom for the developer, everything works according to strictly defined rules, which ensures the same type of code in every part of the project. Another obvious advantage is the lack of a huge number of additional libraries. Having a coding standard allows you to focus on the development itself, and on creating unique project functions.

Your project will be done in the same style and with the same architecture with our Angular bootstrap templates

Angular bootstrap templates with Typescript technology

Angular bootstrap templates, like all projects made with this technology, uses TypeScript. The obvious advantage of TypeScript is that it is self-documenting code, since all the method documentation can be viewed without leaving the IDE.Angular has just one maintainer, which means the framework is stably supported, there are much fewer third-party libraries. It should be noted, though, that the documentation leaves a lot to be desired. Over time, it is supplemented, and with each new version, the gaps become much smaller. But you have to be prepared that you will have to spend some time trying to figure out how to implement some functionality.