Bootstrap v4.6.0

Bootstrap v4.6.0 is here with a couple new features, several bugfixes, and some awesome documentation updates to make v4 more maintainable alongside our development of v5. Read on for the highlighted changes or head to the v4.6 docs to see the latest in action. Hugo! The biggest change in v4.6.0 is under the hood—we’ve overhauled […]

Bootstrap 5 Beta 2

Our second beta has arrived for Bootstrap 5! We delayed its release to iron out some issues with third-party libraries and stabilize our major changes. We’ve also once again shipped some awesome updates to our documentation. Next up is our final beta, which we may even promote to a stable release depending on how development […]

How to Choose Marketing Automation Software for Your Business

Are you in the market for a marketing automation tool for your business? There are a lot of options to choose from. Below are some pro’s and con’s of some of the bigger names to help you narrow down your decision. Small Market Mid Market Enterprise ActiveCampaign HubSpot Drip Mailchimp ConvertKit ActiveCampaign HubSpot Marketo Klaviyo […]

Design Systems and UI Kits – Explained!

There are a lot of misconceptions floating on the internet about design systems. A ton of articles and hours of YouTube videos are out there that explain what it is. But even after going through all that, chances are that you still might only have a vague idea of what a design system truly is? […]

Bootstrap Icons v1.4.0

Bootstrap Icons v1.4.0 adds over 60 new icons as part of a brand new weather category. Also included are some long requested improvements to vertical alignment and a handful of updates to tags and categories. Keep reading for a preview of the new icons and how icon alignment has changed. 60+ weather icons The new […]

How to install WordPress on local in your PC

Want to install MAMP and WordPress on your local PC? It is the best way to develop your site and for testing purposes. MAMP lets your website run from your own PC. A local WordPress install allows you to keep your work private and you don’t have to worry about changes affecting your live site. […]

HubSpot Website Examples – Web Design Inspiration

Are you considering building your website on the HubSpot CMS? Want to see what is possible? Below are some well known companies using HubSpot CMS for their website hosting and page building. Visit the official gallery, for more HubSpot website examples. Pierce Whirlwind Steel Coca-Cola Northeast Haldor Topsoe Elbeco Indigo Ag   Conclusion To view […]

Bootstrap 5 Beta 3

Our final beta for Bootstrap 5 has come with some amazing new changes (including a new component!), documentation updates, and more. We’ve also fixed some important bugs since our last release, in particular with our dependencies. Next up is our stable release! Keep reading for a recap of what’s new in Beta 3. New offcanvas […]

Bootstrap Icons v1.4.1

Our latest Bootstrap Icons update has arrived to fix a few bugs and improve our build tooling. Keep reading for what’s new. Key changes Here are the highlights from this release: Updated: PowerPoint icons now look more capitalized Fixed: skip-forward and skip-backward icons are now properly named Fixed: mic and record icons no longer appear […]

Does HubSpot CMS use Bootstrap?

HubSpot does not use Bootstrap as-is for their CMS and grid system. Instead, its default 12 column grid system and class naming is based on the Bootstrap 2 grid system, but the actual code is different. Here is what the default HubSpot layout.css file looks like. HubSpot 2 column grid (Bootstrap 2) div structure example <div class=”row-fluid “> <div […]

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