Building A Dynamic Header With Intersection Observer

The Intersection Observer API is a Javascript API that enables us to observe an element and detect when it passes a specified point in a scrolling container — often (but not always) the viewport — triggering a callback function. Intersection Observer can be considered more performant than listening for scroll events on the main thread, […]

How To Migrate From jQuery To Next.js

When jQuery appeared in 2006, a lot of developers and organizations started to adopt it for their projects. The possibility of extending and manipulating the DOM that the library offers is great, and we also have many plugins to add behavior to our pages in case we need to do tasks that aren’t supported by […]

Items Every Web Designer Should Have in Their Office

Web designers are fortunate in that our work can be done from just about anywhere. That said, most of us still tend to gravitate towards either home or commercial office space. Why? Because dealing with coffee shop Wi-Fi just isn’t conducive to getting things done. Plus, the whole pandemic thing made sitting amongst strangers a […]

15 Best White-Label Branding Plugins for WordPress

As a developer, you can completely customize the back-end of your clients’ websites to reflect their unique brand and messaging. It means completely transforming the look of the dashboard, admin menu, logo, graphics, header, the width of the logo, the footer logo, and the login form. You do this by removing all information that comes […]

Refactoring CSS: Introduction (Part 1)

CSS is a simple stylesheet language for defining a website or document’s presentation. However, this simplicity leaves the door open for many potential issues and technical debt — bloated code, specificity hell, duplicated code blocks with very little to no difference, leftover unused selectors, unnecessary hacks, and workarounds, to name a few. That kind of […]

Best Comments Plugins for WordPress and WooCommerce

Are you looking to make your website more engaging by allowing visitors to leave comments? Comments can turn your WordPress website into a lively community where users can interact through questions, discussions, advice sharing, and even videos and photos. Not only that, but comments are also the best source of feedback and fresh ideas that […]

Is It Time for Web Designers to Retire the Slider?

It often seems like the most popular things can also be among the most divisive. That holds true for web design, just as it does in life. One prime example of this is the slider. Various types of sliders or slideshows have been deployed on websites for years. And there was a time when it […]

How to Compare Dates in PHP

Comparing dates becomes necessary when you are creating booking and event scheduling plugins or websites in PHP. It has many other uses as well, depending on how you implement things. For example, we might use it to create time-sensitive promotional events in our PHP scripts. PHP comes with dedicated functions and methods that you can […]

Creating Pretty Popup Messages Using SweetAlert2

Every now and then, you’ll have to show an alert box to your users to let them know about an error or notification. The problem with the default alert boxes provided by browsers is that they’re not very attractive. When you’re creating a website with great color combinations and fancy animation to improve the browsing […]

Making A Strong Case For Accessibility

Imagine yourself as someone with a visual disability. Cataracts, or totally blind even. A site is not accessible because of many factors, willing and unwillingly. Accessibility may have been attended to at the end of the project or not in the budget, or maybe they just didn’t practice it. You can’t access the vital information […]

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