HubSpot Themes vs Templates – What is the Difference?

Previously it was possible to download HubSpot template packs from the HubSpot marketplace. These were a collection of landing page, website page, blog, and email templates. The downside of these packs is they did not share any unified settings and they were not very portable between accounts. Now a group of templates, custom modules, and […]

How Do You Convert Text to Outline Shapes in Adobe XD?

If you are wanting to export a text based graphic icon or text symbol it is a good idea to convert it to outlines before exporting. If you don’t, when you embed the svg it will be looking for the web font being used and not look right. Select the text box containing the graphic […]

How to Have a HubSpot Menu Load the Default Menu When Transferring to Another Account

Problem: When transferring a HubSpot theme or template file to another portal global module’s menu disappears. The code snippet below sets the default menu tag to pull a default if it is not selected. {% set menu = is truthy ? menu( : menu(‘default’) %} {% menu “menu” %}   The post How to […]

How Do You Get the URL Parameters and Append to Href or Src of Another Element?

Do you want to grab the url parameters and pass them to a button href or iframe src? This is common when you are running a paid ad campaign to a landing page that links to a form on another page. You want to track the source of the form submission by duplicating the url […]

Media Query Sass Mixin [code snippet]

The sass mixin below has default variable values for common breakpoints. But this mixin also allows you to write a custom value if needed. // default breakpknts $xs: “480px”; $sm: “600px”; $md: “799px”; $lg: “1010px”; $xl: “1280px”; @mixin media-min($size) { @media (min-width: $size) { @content; } } @mixin media-max($size) { @media (max-width: $size) { @content; […]

How to Update Navigation Menu in HubSpot Content Staging

When using content staging in HubSpot you can easily test and preview design changes but the menu does not update to use the new staging domain. So you have to preview each page individually. This can be an issue when you are working on a HubSpot website rebrand and the client needs to click through […]

How to Link to Module Fields to Theme Images in HubSpot Themes

When building HubSpot themes you often want to have default images referenced from inside your theme folder. You would think adding a relative link would work but you actually need to add it inside this hubl function to get it to work get_asset_url() Learn more about building custom modules in HubSpot. “default” : { “src” […]

How to Fix HubSpot Website Your Connection is Not Private Error in Chrome & Safari

HubSpot requires using CNAME to point a domain to their server using a subdomain. This means you still have an A record to worry about. The www in your is a subdomain and not root domain that does not have the www. It is the same as or In order to fix this, […]

35+ Powerful and Feature-Packed AngularJS Ecommerce Templates Available For Free 

Angular is one of the best and most popular JavaScript frameworks available to developers. The framework was initially developed by Google approximately ten years ago. Developers had to use complicated processes to build dynamic single-page applications before the arrival of the Angular framework. Angular simplified the process of web app development and made it simpler […]

How Do You Change the Primary Domain in HubSpot CMS?

If you are looking to rebrand your website and change its domain there are a few steps you can take. You will most likely land on this HubSpot knowledge base article which outlines the steps but if you read it quickly you might miss a critical piece of information. At the very bottom there is […]

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