An Introduction To Figma Interactive Components

Recently, Figma rolled out the beta for the newest interactive components feature that allows defining interactions and animations directly into the variants and propagates them to every component instance. This means that it is now possible to create a component with states (hover, active, clicked, focus) and make it interactive so that every copy of […]

Why Is My WordPress Site So Slow? (And How to Fix It)

So, just like millions of other website owners, you decided to use WordPress as your site’s content-management system (CMS). Launched in 2003, the open-source, free-to-use, and extremely powerful software tool dominates the internet.  You were convinced that with the right web host company and the best technology, visitors to your website would engage with your […]

It’s Task Management, Not Time Management

We’ve all looked at our to-do lists and sighed in despair at how many items were still waiting for us to finish. Sometimes it can even seem overwhelming; we’ve got so much to finish, and it seems as though the days are shrinking in length, as there never seems to be enough time to get […]

How To Choose A Headless CMS

Web pages, such as the one you’re reading now, have text, images, videos and other assets to bring information to you. This data would be collated and authored in a Web Content Management System (WCMS) by a content editor. WCMSes have gone through an evolution moving from a Traditional CMS to a Decoupled CMS to […]

How Taylor Arndt Brings a First-Person Perspective to Accessibility

The importance of accessibility is often preached to web designers. Thankfully, many of us have taken it to heart. In this day and age, there’s no reason why a website shouldn’t implement best practices. However, if you don’t regularly use assistive technology, accessibility can be a bit of a guessing game. With that in mind, […]

How to Upload a Google HTML Verification File to WordPress and Boost Your SEO

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is essential for getting your WordPress website the traffic it deserves.  SEO has become such an integral part of creating a successful site that today there’s an entire industry of agencies and specialists dedicated to helping businesses improve their SEO. If your website is going to reach the widest possible audience, […]

Best 10 IDEs for React.js for 2021

What is an IDE?What is the difference between IDE and Text Editor?How to choose an IDE?What is React?Best React IDEQuick Q&AVisual Studio WebStormReactideVim Editor GNU Emacs Editor Spacemacs Editor Sublime Text Rekit Studio BracketsAtomConclusionShort Recap FAQ In today’s world, the selection of IDEs and code editors is so large that it becomes difficult to choose […]

Using HSL Colors In CSS

From my experience, most of the colors I see people using in CSS are hex, and RGB. Recently, I started seeing more usage for HSL colors. However, I still think that HSL is overlooked, and when it’s being used to its full potential, it can help us in working better with colors in CSS. Introduction […]

Weekly News for Designers № 599

User Inyerface – Can you navigate through this game of really bad UI? Building Generative Grid Layouts With Quadtrees – Learn how to create super versatile generative/random grid layouts in just a few lines of JavaScript. Wordmark – Use this online tool to find the perfect font for your project. 15 Free HTML Templates for […]

Email Testing Flow As It Should Be

We spend a lot of time and effort crafting emails with a specific purpose: to make their recipients read them and take the desired actions. The three known bottlenecks of every email sequence include: Deliverability Emails are going to spam folders and are never read. Display issues Email content is broken or not properly rendered […]