How to Create Mobile App Animations With SVGator

Designing animations by coding is both a complex and time-consuming undertaking that can hinder creativity. This is why designers are looking for a no-code solution to create scalable animations for mobile apps. Finding a way to easily create and export these types of engaging branding assets can also make the designer-to-developer handoff a frustration-free exchange. […]

🆕 Update on Flatlogic Web App Generator!

Hey coders! We hasten to share this month’s updates! We’ve added two useful features to the Web Application Generator. In case you haven’t heard… we’ve been hard at work over here launching a web app generator. It is the direct result of more than 7 years of our professional expertise in web development. So now, you […]

The 15 Best Free eCommerce & Shopping Themes for WordPress

The design of your online store matters just as much as the quality of your products. As such, you need to make sure that your eCommerce and shopping theme has all the necessary features as well as an attractive design that will make your products look even more visually appealing while making your customers feel […]

13 Best WordPress Database Plugins

The database is the source of information that makes it possible for your WordPress website to function. It is where all the data that makes up your WordPress website is stored.  This data includes: posts, pages, comments, settings, spam, media, tags, as well as users’ personal data. Of course this includes a fair bit of […]

Create a WordPress Coming Soon Page

Not everyone gets the appeal of creating a coming soon page and it might seem like a waste of time to some people. However, having a coming soon page can be an effective marketing strategy. It also becomes a lot easier and quicker to create a basic and yet stylish coming soon page if you […]

How a Designer Might Create Timeless Designs

We’ve all seen examples of classic design – work that gets talked about for months, years, and even decades after it has served its initial purpose. Even people who have no idea what the original design was even used for will discuss its beauty, simplicity, and timelessness. What goes into creating work of that caliber? […]

13 Modern and Beautiful Mobile App UI Kits With Source Code

A mobile app UI kit is a great way to get started with the design for your next app. Each is a complete mobile app UI design template, with a complete set of assets for every part of your app’s user interface. And these UI kits are more than just Photoshop PSD files—they contain complete […]

Improving The Accessibility Of Your Markdown

Markdown is a small text to HTML conversion language. It was created by John Gruber in 2004 with the goal of making writing formatted text in a plain text editor easier. You can find Markdown in many places on the internet, especially in locations where developers are present. Two notable examples are comments on GitHub […]

React Chat App: How to Make a Chat Using

Table of contents: IntroductionWhat you need to know about React Chat AppsWhy your project needs its own React Chat AppHow to Create Your Own React Chat AppExamples of Well-Made React Chat AppsConclusion Introduction We hope that you will find this article most helpful. And not only because we intend to talk about the theoretical side […]

Tips for Building Online Courses with WordPress

Creating online courses has never been easier. Thanks to content management systems (CMS) such as WordPress, along with the plethora of available plugins, developers can build courses to fit every need. It’s no wonder that organizations are increasingly moving their in-person educational programs online. But online education isn’t a one-size-fits-all proposition. For example, a corporate […]