Bootstrap 5.1.0

The first minor release of Bootstrap 5 is here! v5.1.0 has arrived and is packed with exciting new features and improvements. There’s experimental support for CSS Grid, offcanvas in the navbar, a new placeholders component, horizontal collapse support, new helpers, new CSS variables in our utilities, refactored JavaScript, and more. Jump to a section: CSS […]

Is HubSpot CMS Starter a Good WordPress Alternative for Small Businesses?

HubSpot now has a starter version of their CMS for $25/month. This makes it a viable option for small businesses to leverage a CRM, marketing tools, and free digital marketing education. It does have some limitations so let’s review those. Below are some of the plan limitations and features 15 website pages (small page count, […]

Why Web Development Is Crucial For Your Digital Marketing Strategy?

Your website is the platform where you would engage with people regarding your business. It won’t be wrong if we say that your website serves to be the representation of the products or services you deal with. However, this only makes perfect sense when you take the initiative, communicate with the visitors on your website, […]

6 Tips for Increasing Ecommerce Customer Lifetime Value

Customer lifetime value (CLV or LTV) is a staggeringly important metric. If your online store is great at retaining customers, you’re reducing your dependence on acquiring new ones, which is normally an expensive and time-consuming task. Repeat business also increases your profit margins since it costs you significantly less to sell to an existing customer […]

Best Place for Latest Design News

Staying on top of design trends can be a challenge at times, but with the best design blogs, designer roundups, and designer news sites, you’ll have your finger on the pulse in no time. Design blogs are all about inspiration and education. And there are a lot of blogs out there that do a great […]

4 Ways To Make Your Marketing Agency Flourish

Marketing is the thing that decides whether or not a business is going to be successful and if its products or services are going to sell well. While some companies have in-house marketers, it’s more and more common for businesses to hire marketing agencies that will help them create the perfect campaign. If you own […]

Don’t Be Branded as a Cheap, Low-End Designer

How many of you know the proper way to approach a diet? Many people don’t, which is why they fail to work. There’s a specific mentality you need to have in order to get through a diet successfully, and it has to do with what you believe about the permanence of your current situation. When […]

New Smashing Workshops on Front-End & Design

You might know it already, but perhaps not yet: we regularly run friendly online workshops around front-end and design. We have a couple of workshops coming up soon, and we thought that, you know, you might want to join in as well. All workshops sessions are broken down into 2.5h-segments across days, so you always […]

As WordPress Changes, the Pressure to Adapt Rises

Software changes all the time. Some tweaks are subtle and melt into the background. Others, however, can be real paradigm shifts. What’s happened with WordPress in the past few years certainly seems to fit into the latter category. First, it was the rather massive switch from the classic editing experience to the Gutenberg block editor. […]

8 CSS & JavaScript Snippets for Creating Onboarding Carousels

Everyone that creates a professional product and cares about their users, takes onboarding seriously. It plays a vital role in bridging the gap between the user and application. It is the foundation of a great user experience. It simply cannot be overlooked. As there are many onboarding solutions available, to make things easier for you, […]