Catching and Responding to Keyboard Events in JavaScript

In this article, we’ll discuss how you can catch and respond to different keyboard events in JavaScript. I’ll show you a couple real-world examples to make it easy to understand. JavaScript is one of the core technologies of the web. The majority of websites use it, and all modern web browsers support it without the […]

10 Best Responsive HTML5 Sliders for Images and Text (Plus 3 Free Options)

In this post, I’ll show you some of the best free and premium HTML5 image sliders. We’ll see automatic image sliders, responsive sliders with text, banner sliders, and more. All built with HTML5 and CSS. The Royal Slider – HTML Slider Image Gallery comes with these styles. Why Use a Responsive HTML5 Slider? HTML5 enables […]

8 Best WordPress Facebook Widgets (And 5 Free Plugins)

In order to run a successful business, you need to promote and advertise your company wherever your audience’s attention is. Adding premium Facebook widget WordPress plugins to your website will help you connect with your customers.  Facebook Chat is one of the many premium WordPress Facebook plugins available on CodeCanyon. Facebook allows you to promote […]

Tools And Practices To Speed Up The Vue.js Development Process

Throughout this tutorial, we will be looking at practices that should be adopted, things that should be avoided, and have a closer look at some helpful tools to make writing Vue.js easier. I’ll be focusing mostly on Vue 2 as most folks and organizations still use the older version. No reason to worry though, as […]

4 Days Only! 61% Discount On All Templates

The biggest sale of this summer on Flatlogic kicks off. We give you a 61% discount on any of our products. If you are following our news, you may have already noticed that we have released an unusually large number of products for us over the past year. Let’s take a look at all the […]

Tips for Finding Flow in Your Creative Process

It’s late in the day, and you’re working hard on a project. Hours have seemingly flown by in a flash. You haven’t eaten anything since this morning, but you don’t really feel hungry. The only time you’ve moved has been to refill your coffee, and even as you are pouring a cup, your mind is […]

An Introduction To Figma Interactive Components

Recently, Figma rolled out the beta for the newest interactive components feature that allows defining interactions and animations directly into the variants and propagates them to every component instance. This means that it is now possible to create a component with states (hover, active, clicked, focus) and make it interactive so that every copy of […]

Why Is My WordPress Site So Slow? (And How to Fix It)

So, just like millions of other website owners, you decided to use WordPress as your site’s content-management system (CMS). Launched in 2003, the open-source, free-to-use, and extremely powerful software tool dominates the internet.  You were convinced that with the right web host company and the best technology, visitors to your website would engage with your […]

It’s Task Management, Not Time Management

We’ve all looked at our to-do lists and sighed in despair at how many items were still waiting for us to finish. Sometimes it can even seem overwhelming; we’ve got so much to finish, and it seems as though the days are shrinking in length, as there never seems to be enough time to get […]

How To Choose A Headless CMS

Web pages, such as the one you’re reading now, have text, images, videos and other assets to bring information to you. This data would be collated and authored in a Web Content Management System (WCMS) by a content editor. WCMSes have gone through an evolution moving from a Traditional CMS to a Decoupled CMS to […]