Weekly News for Designers № 599

User Inyerface – Can you navigate through this game of really bad UI? Building Generative Grid Layouts With Quadtrees – Learn how to create super versatile generative/random grid layouts in just a few lines of JavaScript. Wordmark – Use this online tool to find the perfect font for your project. 15 Free HTML Templates for […]

Email Testing Flow As It Should Be

We spend a lot of time and effort crafting emails with a specific purpose: to make their recipients read them and take the desired actions. The three known bottlenecks of every email sequence include: Deliverability Emails are going to spam folders and are never read. Display issues Email content is broken or not properly rendered […]

It’s A (Front-End Testing) Trap! Six Common Testing Pitfalls And How To Solve Them

As I was rewatching a movie I loved as a child, one quote in particular stood out. It’s from the 1983 Star Wars film “Return of the Jedi”. The line is said during the Battle of Endor, where the Alliance mobilizes its forces in a concentrated effort to destroy the Death Star. There, Admiral Ackbar, […]

10 CSS & JavaScript Snippets for Creating the Parallax Scrolling Effect

There’s a lot of confusion about parallax design and how it works on the web. Generally speaking, parallax design uses motion to create the illusion of depth on a page. This can relate to background changes or semi-fixed position items that move alongside the user’s scrolling. We’ve covered many examples from websites but haven’t gone […]

18 Best WordPress Community Plugins for 2021

Whether you’re an online freelancer or running a brick and mortar store, having a website is no longer enough to get and retain customers. Along with your website, you need to create a community of customers and engage with them. Online communities continue to create enormous value for businesses. A WordPress community plugin will help […]

The State Of Web Workers In 2021

I’m weary of always comparing the web to so-called “native” platforms like Android and iOS. The web is streaming, meaning it has none of the resources locally available when you open an app for the first time. This is such a fundamental difference, that many architectural choices from native platforms don’t easily apply to the […]

The Many Shades Of July (2021 Desktop Wallpapers Edition)

Often, it’s the little things that inspire us and that we treasure most. The sky shining in the most beautiful colors as a seemingly endless summer day comes to an end, riding your bike through a light rain shower on a hot July afternoon, or maybe it’s a scoop of your favorite ice cream that […]

Dealing with Terrible Business Ideas from Your Clients

If you’ve ever attempted to read up on or start your own business, you’ll likely have come across this encouraging nugget of information – the one that says upwards of 90% of new businesses fail within the first five years. That’s pretty alarming, but even more alarming is when you’re the designer chosen to create […]

How to Change the URL in JavaScript: Redirecting

In this quick article, we’ll discuss how to change the URL in JavaScript by redirecting. We’ll go through a couple of different ways that you can use to perform JavaScript redirects. JavaScript is one of the core technologies of the web. The majority of websites use it, and all modern web browsers support it without […]

Smashing Podcast Episode 40 Mike Cavaliere: What Is Chakra UI For React?

In this episode, we’re talking about Chakra UI. What is it and how can it help with your React projects? Drew McLellan talks to expert Mike Cavalier to find out. Show Notes Chakra UI Mike on Twitter Mike’s personal website Cut Into The Jamstack book Weekly Update Designing With Code: A Modern Approach To Designwritten […]