How To Create React Native AirBnb-Like App

Everybody who has traveled to other countries encountered the issue of apartment renting. One of the most well-known services for this is Airbnb. It is an online platform for arranging or offering lodging, which gained great popularity thanks to the wide variety of properties, diverse filter by price, languages of the host, date, location, and, of course, protection of guests and hosts. But it’s hard for one app to cover the whole world, and here our story of two developers begins. 


Apartments in Israel are very expensive. Residents and students rent through Facebook groups. The number of these groups is enormous and the number of members there is higher than 1 million people. But can you imagine how hard it is to find a place to stay with all these groups… You can’t pick dates or any options for the search, all you can choose is a town. And you have to monitor several groups every day where there is irrelevant information or advertisement along with apartment posts you are looking for. Furthermore, there is no guarantee that the property in the post will be as advertised.

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The solution is to develop an Airbnb-like app for local needs. Since Airbnb hasn’t brought together hosts and guests in Israelis in the past and hosts have kept making posts in Facebook groups, ignoring an opportunity to make posts in mobile apps, a new solution must meet that local specificity. And here Subaba appears. 

Subaba is an app based on top of React Native Starter kit that compiles information about apartment offers from numerous groups. It allows monitoring all posts in one place and looking through them. 

Technically, it performs web scraping of Facebook, then structures information with AI, and displays the result to users with an opportunity to filter by date/countries or other apartment description. 

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Technology Stack

Backend: Python, Node.js, MongoDB

Frontend: React NativeReact Admin

React Native Starter

How to Create React Native AirBnb-like App

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