Discontinuing memberships on Pippin’s Plugins

Six years ago I announced the launch of premium memberships to Pippin’s Plugins for access to advanced tutorials, code reviews, and other member-only benefits. I have been continually humbled by the response and support my memberships received from the WordPress community and I would like to sincerely thank everyone that signed up. Today, however, I have discontinued memberships to this site.

My ability to consistently produce new material and to provide code reviews like I used to has continually waned as the product side of my business has grown. For a long time I held onto the hope that I could find a way to get back to consistently producing new content for this site but a small part of me has known that is unlikely to ever happen, and so I have made the only right decision available: close down memberships.

Effective today, memberships have been discontinued on this site and all existing memberships have been cancelled to ensure no existing members are billed again. If you are a member and signed up within the last 30 days, contact me and I will be more than happy to provide a full refund.

NOTE: this does not refer to Restrict Content Pro. That product is still actively maintained and developed at https://restrictcontentpro.com.

All previously restricted tutorials are now open to everyone. Please learn, grow, and enjoy!

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