7 PHP QR-Code Contactless Digital Restaurant Menus


In this post, we’ll look at some contactless QR digital restaurant menus that are available on CodeCanyon.  

The Covid pandemic has opened opportunites for restaurants to move from physical to contactless menus. The benefits for both restaurants and customers, when it comes to safety and efficiency.

What is a Contactless Menu?

Contactless menus are online digital menus that can be accessed using a QR code. Customers scan the code with the phone camera, which sends them to the menu. In restaurants, the card with the QR code is place on top of the table. 

PicoQR is an example of contactless QR digital restaurant menu available on CodeCanyon.

Why Use a Contactless Menu?


Using contactless menus avoids the risk of virus transmission because customers don’t have to handle menus like in the case of printed menus. 

Quick Service

Instant access to the menu reduces serving time because customers don’t need to wait for waiters to bring menus. 

Cost Savings and Environmental Friendliness

Your restaurant saves on printing costs. No need to worry about rushing to the printer whenever you make changes to the menu. 

Fast Updates

Any changes to menus are updated immediately. It makes it easy for restaurants to test out new dishes and drop them if they are not selling.

Design Choices

Contactless menus come with different templates that the restaurants can test to see which customers like the most. Also they can try out different branding

Reliable Data

Contactless menus come with analytics that allow you to see which dishes are popular and which are not. 

Bestselling PHP Contactless Menus on CodeCanyon 

For a one-time fee, you can purchase and download one of these contactless QR code digital restaurant menus and ensure the safety of your customers. You don’t have to pay monthly fees. Also, contactless menus are built to integrate with your current systems, you don’t need to ditch your current systems.  

7 PHP Contactless QR code Digital Restaurant Menu on CodeCanyon 

These tools give transform your WordPress website into a full eCommerce solution. The top eight WordPress eCommerce plugins are:

1. QuickQR—SaaS Contactless Restaurant QR Menu Maker

QuickQR contactless QR menu maker allows you to build fully responsive online menus for your restaurant. With QuickQR you can create a QR code that customers can scan to view the menu on their smartphones and place their orders in a few clicks. It is equipped with multiple payment gateways so they can pay from their phones, if they want. 

This contactless menu is SEO-optimized and supports multiple language and works with external email services like SMTP, PHPMail, Mandrill, SendGrid, and AmazonSES so you can send email receipts to customers or send them a newsletter. 

It comes with easy-to-edit templates for pages like FAQ, Contact Us, Feedback, and Privacy and Terms. It is also integrated with Google Maps, OpenStreet maps, and Google reCAPTCHA. 

2. QR Menu Maker—SaaS Contactless QR Restaurant Menus

Using QR Menu Maker, you can help restaurants, cafes, or burger joints to switch from printed to contactless menus by offering a subscription service plan. 

Once they subscribe, they have access to a menu maker to create digital menus and QR codes, that customers can scan to view the menus on their phones. Using a print template, they can print QR codes cards they’ll put on tables for customers to scan. 

It is an easy business to run. All systems are already designed, you have admin tools to create a landing page where restaurants can find your service. Also from admin, you can create subscription plans on Paddle and see all your subscribers.

3. WhatsApp Food—SaaS WhatsApp Ordering

With this script, you can accept orders via Whatsapp. It’s convenient for customers because they can use their Whatsapp to order from your digital menus. The great part is you get detailed reports about what is performing well on your menu. 

This script allows you to create a digital menu that you can update anytime. Customers order from the menu and send their orders on Whatsapp. You can then accept cash or get paid directly via a payment link from a choice of over twenty payment options.

4. PicoQR—SaaS Contactless Digital Restaurant QR Menu Maker

PicoQR is powerful contactless digital restaurant menu maker with a well-designed workflow that allows you to track and manage customer orders. It comes with multiple menu templates designed for customers mobile phones.

They can scan the QR with their phone camera or QR code reader. On their order screen is a pay now button that directs them to payment page with payment gateways so they can pay directly. 

Other notable features of this QR menu maker include: 

EU GDPR cookie consent
guest checkout 
use of local setting for currency symbol, number formats, etc.
email verification 
multi-language support


5. Superv—Restaurant Website Management with QR Code Menu

Superv takes your restaurant online by giving you a comprehensive restaurant website with restaurant management features and a QR menu maker. You get a website template that comes with six home versions that include static, parallax, slider, video, and more. 

You have two menu templates to build your menu. To make it easy to manage tables, you can create a QR reader based on the tables in your restaurant. You also get QR code PSD banners. 

The script also comes with cart checkout, multiple payment gateways, and other payment options. 

6. FoodMob—Multi-Restaurant Food Ordering and Delivery

This script is a multi-restaurant food ordering and restaurant management system that comes with a QR menu maker. The restaurant admin registers their restaurant on Food Mob and creates a menu including a QR code. Then, customers place their orders and make payments in order to get their food delivered. 

7. Khana—Multi Resturant Food Ordering and Restaurant Management

A restaurant food ordering system and management system is not complete without a QR menu maker. Khana is a SaaS-based system that comes with a QR menu builder.  

Customers scan QR code to view menu, place their orders, and make payments online. They can track delivery via a real-time map. 

Khana includes high-end features like lazy loading, progressive image loading, social login, OneSignal integration, content placeholder loading, a coupon system and more. 

Modernize Your Restaurant Menus Now! 

Taking your restaurant to the next level by creating contactless menus not only saves you time and money but it improves your services and makes customers happy. Find out for yourself by purchasing one of these PHP QR menu makers on CodeCanyon.

There are many restaurant themes on Envato Market and you can find one that will help you create a website that engages your customers. 

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